I wanted to know that only. Considering its size of 60 and its plasma how much energy it takes? Once sales person told me led takes less energy then lcd and lcd takes less energy then plasma and plasma take less energy then traditional old box tv but he was comparing it to 24 inch TVs not 60 » 8/22/14 8:56pm Friday 8:56pm

Great Tip. I think if the hanger hook size is big then it wont fit over comfortably so if anyone has big hook size hanger set then? For them solution is fit the pipe under the shelf by giving a appropriate gap as per your hanger hook needed (similar to cupboard style pipe ) » 8/17/14 6:28am 8/17/14 6:28am

Great Tip. Here bit of a modification, we can create gmail+ use and throw email system and create a email such as +vacation or +anything and combine it with gmail smart filtering system (set filters with vip emails allowed and some travel company email ids added into the list) and fwd it to a empty inbox or email… » 8/17/14 3:05am 8/17/14 3:05am