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​Send Text Messages Directly to Contacts from Facebook, Thanks to MightyText

Emailing, IM and Texting is part of our day to day communication. In smart phone era, the messaging space is too much crowded and now we have too many different feature rich messaging apps. in that, some apps are our favorites but still many do use phone text. Even many companies still use this old channel to communicate with us such as, for Notifications, security codes or verification codes, offers,transaction alerts, SOS.


Managing these stream of texts on phone, tablet and on pc together is not so easy but via MightyText this task is so easy. It also integrates with your Gmail interface which let you send & receive text so managing text is so easy on Gmail.

Same way, Many of you do spend a lot of time on Facebook too (not all, of course) so MightText has arrive for Facebook too which allow you to send and receive text same as Gmail. You'll get text just as Facebook chat popups. download the latest GText chrome extension and existing users enable Facebook texting under settings in GText.


Chrome Extension via MightyText Blog

Image by MightyText

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